[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text h1_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433640}” h2_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433640}” h3_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433641}” h4_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433641}” h5_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433641}” h6_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433641}” p_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433642}” link_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433642}” list_css=”{.vc_customizer_1489961433642}”]On 17 January 2013 in The Merchant pub, Clapham Junction, players from South London Storm and West London Sharks met to discuss a merger. Both teams were extremely successful teams in their own right. South London Storm made the Harry Jepson trophy final in 2005, then again in 2006, winning the competition. West London Sharks made the Harry Jepson final on three occasions in 2004, 2008 and eventually taking the spoils in 2009. That night, the merger was agreed and South West London Chargers were formed.

It was decided that the newly merged side would base itself on Clapham Common for training sessions and play games at Chiswick Rugby Club. In the first season, the club entered a team in the London Premier men’s competition and a second men’s team in the London Entry League. In addition to the men’s team the club also ran a women’s team in the South East England competition.

That initial season would be the the first of many successful seasons. The Premier side won all possible trophies including the London & South East Cup, the South Premier Championship (20-10 against Hammersmith Hills Hoists) and culminating in winning the Harry Jepson Trophy against the Gateshead Storm, 28–22. The second team narrowly missed out on winning the Entry League final after winning the Minor Premiership.

In 2014, the Chargers were invited to enter the Tetley’s Challenge Cup, winning their first round game 12-6 against the Torfaen Tigers. In the second round, Chargers were drawn to play Milford Marlins at home, going down 24-6.

The following two seasons, the Premier side repeated their feats of winning the South Premier Championship (2014 – 32-12 vs Skolars A, 2015 – 46-6 vs Eastern Rhinos) and the Harry Jepson (2014 – 64-4 vs Jarrow Vikings, 2015 – 46-10 vs Bedford Tigers). In the process, they became the first ever side to defend the trophy, then to get a three-peat. They also won the Brighton 9’s tournament in both seasons as well as London “Team of the Year” in 2014.

Chargers were again invited to enter the Tetley’s Challenge Cup in both seasons. In 2015, they lost their first round game 14-10 against the Widnes West Bank and in 2016, losing 22-14 to Shawcross Sharks.

In December 2015, the club announced they will rebrand to ‘London Chargers’ and competed in the Conference League South, the highest level of amateur rugby league in the south of Britain. Their ‘A’ team moved up to the London Premier competition to replace the first team. In their first year of trying, the Chargers first team were victorious, winning the Conference League South against Valley Cougars in a resounding 40-0 victory.

In 2017, they drew a home game against Bridgend Blue Bulls in their first round game of the Tetley’s Challenge Cup. They won 116-0. In the second round, they would play Fryston Warriors, going down 40-12.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]